This Month I

It’s March! That means it’s time for another installment of This Month I, where I set forth what I WILL be doing and what I HOPE to be doing. I’m not going to look back at February’s list, because while I DID do everything I said I WOULD be doing, I’m pretty sure that I failed on the HOPE aspect of it all.

This month I will

Finish up the hockey season for Drew, watch Meg’s Squirts team finish up and watch her enjoy her time with the U10 Girls Team

Rejoice at a month with no holidays or birthdays that I have to shop and/or bake for

Take my oldest daughter shopping for a dress for the Daddy-Daughter dance

Wonder when all that snow we have is going to melt and how much of a mud puddle my front yard will turn into

This month I hope to

Invite friends over to scrapbook again

Finish the books I started reading

Get my computer room organized

Take non-hockey related photos, and even some of Annie and Izzie

Go on a date with my husband

Do something as a family that does not involve a hockey rink

Work on my blog header

Finish my taxes

Ok, so how about you? Leave me a comment or write a post telling me what you WILL be doing and what you HOPE to be doing this month. I want to know!


2 thoughts on “This Month I

  1. We don’t get a break on birthdays until June. Ugh. And I’m not certain that all of our snow will be gone by month’s end. Double ugh.

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