Let the Sunshine In

I spend much of winter indoors, with all the shades drawn to keep the cold air out and the heat in. There isn’t much to see outside my house anyway, except snow (lots of snow) and the trees. That’s the drawback to living on 13 acres of land and being so far from the public road; there’s never anything new to see.

Every so often though, the sun is strong enough to force me to open the shades and let the light in. Yesterday was one of those days. The light illuminated the crumbs on the table and floors, the piles of papers on the kitchen island, the books and toys strewn about the living room. So I wiped down the table and swept the floor, which isn’t a major thing to do but which almost always gets done when I have the shades up. There’s something about the warmth of the sun that pulls me out of the winter doldrums, even for just a bit.

The sun is out again this morning, but it’s cold and snow is on the way for tomorrow. I’m feeling tired and a bit cranky, so I’m allowing the warmth of a cup of coffee to flow over me for a bit before I dive into the tasks of today. The sun is making its way up over the trees and I’ll eventually open all the shades again, let the light in and hope that the sun pulls me out of the doldrums again today.

Tell me~what gets you out of the winter doldrums? The sun? New clothes? A vacation?


4 thoughts on “Let the Sunshine In

  1. DEFINITELY the sun shining, hearing the birds chirping and seeing the crocuses and daffodils peeking out of the ground (not yet, they aren’t). I LOVE spring and need it after this long, long winter!

  2. the sun certainly helps. i’m seeing green shoots poking out of the flower beds as well. a vacation would be AWESOME, but given the economic situation that’s not in the cards. music also lifts me up, winter or not.
    this was a lovely post btw—i can just picture looking out your window.

  3. ALL of those things bring me out of a funk: coffee, strong sunlight, new clothes, and a vacation. Also, a good book and Glee. 🙂

    That snowstorm for you is supposed to be a massive amount of rain for us here in PA. Yuck.

  4. I love the sun pouring in through the windows in the Winter. Especially in the house we just moved to: I have 25 windows and while I’ll be cursing when I have to wash them all, I am loving all the natural light.

    A vacation isn’t in the cards for me anytime soon. Instead, I look forward to going to work (yes, I really, really do. It’s two days a week and gets me the crap up outta here and it’s two days I don’t have to be Mama all day!). Making plans to go out with the Girltourage for dinner and a drink or just wandering around Target always helps boost my mood, too 🙂

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