Diary of a Hockey Mom (2)

Hockey season is finally winding down. Of all the sports my kids to choose to participate in, they picked the one with the longest season. Unlike baseball or softball, which are usually only 6 weeks long, hockey is SIX MONTHS long. Six months of no free Friday nights, six months of early Saturday mornings clutching Dunkin Donuts coffee cups while sitting in frigid rinks cheering on my kiddos. While I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, I wouldn’t mind it being a bit shorter. Hockey season is exhausting.

Meg’s team season ended this past weekend with our association’s tournament. They lost Friday night but played two fantastic games on Saturday, both shutouts. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to advance the team to the semi-finals. While I was disappointed for them, inside I was cheering a little bit because that meant that I didn’t have to get up Sunday morning, force-feed my kids some breakfast and race out the door for a very early game. But while that aspect of Meg’s hockey is complete, she is also playing on a Girls U10 EP (Extended Play) team and in the upcoming week she plays 4 times. Next weekend she, along with other kids from our town and our neighboring town, are participating in a town tournament. Her team is comprised entirely of kids from our school district, and they will play teams made up of kids from their school districts. This should be a fun event, even though there are 4 games in two days!

Drew finished up his skills season two weeks ago and is now skating for three weeks in a Pond Hockey program Doug is running. It has two weeks to go and Drew is anxiously awaiting his turn to play goalie, complete with gear. He’ll be moving to team play next season and I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks to play goalie then as well.

Next season, Meg is moving to the all-girls program our association offers. She had the opportunity to play goalie for them a couple of times this year and loved being on an all-girl team. Her favorite part of her co-ed team this year was the two girls that she played with. It was fun to see her interact with them, and other girls on the co-ed teams. This was something we debated doing this season, but I’m glad we chose the path we did. She had a great season and next season should be even better.

So while I’m exhausted from so many hours of cold rinks, I can’t wait for next season because my kids have fun. Even Annie (and maybe Izzie) will be joining in come October!

I apologize for the quality of the photos. Taking pictures inside hockey rinks is an art I haven’t quite gotten a handle on. Isn’t Meg so BIG next to Doug? Almost as tall as me!


5 thoughts on “Diary of a Hockey Mom (2)

  1. Oh, goodness, my 3 year old is OBSESSED with hockey, and we are already thinking that our future may be filled with a whole lot of hockey! Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS Day!

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