I currently have a chicken coop sitting on my side lawn that my father-n-law built for us. If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you know a few things about me. Things like a)I’m not an outdoorsy type person, b)yet I live in the woods and c)I don’t want chickens. However, I’ve been overruled and we will be ordering chickens (Orpingtons, if you’re curious). They will be day-old chicks and have to live in my basement for several weeks. My kids are already asking for a cow and a lamb and a horse. Who knows what we’ll get next. Oh my.

I start my new job tomorrow! The lawyer that didn’t hire me last month gave my name to another lawyer who was looking for a paralegal to do some part-time work, I had an interview and voila, I have a job! I’m replacing his current paralegal, who is 75 and in ill health. Tomorrow I get to meet her, learn the ropes and have work to handle next week. While I’ve always handled real estate work, I’ll be doing more corporate and probate work for this attorney. I haven’t had a job in over 6 years, and while this is part-time (very, very part-time) I’m curious to see how it will all play out with two four year olds home 90% of the time.

Hockey season ends this weekend! It goes out with a bang~four games for Megan and an hour of scrimmaging for Drew. We have a couple of weeks off, then baseball and softball season start (you know, if the snow EVER melts) and then we’ll be running in different directions again. We have our first non-hockey Friday night in six months this Friday. I would do a dance of joy, but we’re supposed to have SNOW on Friday, which dampens my enthusiasm a bit.

I’m slightly addicted to Angry Birds for my iPod. By slightly I mean that I can get lost in that dumb game for far too long each day and my kids crowd around me to watch and cheer. I think someone needs to create a support group.

I’m looking for blog post ideas. Anyone want to ask me a question, or give me a topic to write about? So many of my bloggy friends are giving up their blogs and while mine is clearly underutilized, I want to keep on plugging away and write, even if sporadically. I’m also thinking of changing my blog name to something less focused on the kids and more general~any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Randomosity

  1. yeah for a job! will you be doing this from home? if not, how many hours a week will you be working and what are you going to do w/ the twins?
    questions for blog posts….hmmmm….ok….what would you do if you won the lottery?

  2. I am beyond jealous that you’re getting chickens! Unless you have to do deal with chicken poop on a regular basis. I’ve got enough poop in my life. But, fresh eggs??!!! I’d be stoked!

    How about a post on how you and Doug met? Or, how you felt when you found out you were having twins? Or, how you knew you wanted to add a third (joke’s on you) child to your family?

  3. chickens?!?! wow! can’t wait to hear about your journey/life with them! your readers will need photos. 🙂 so excited for you about the PT job. hope you’ll chat about that transition too. i’ve been out of corporate live for 5 years and wonder what it would feel like to be back (would it suck me in or would i just approach it all so much differently now?). can’t believe you are still talking about snow. in march. man. PS still haven’t peeked at angry birds. 🙂

  4. Chickens?! Like CHICKENS?! I’m oddly awed by this. I don’t know why–they’re fricken chickens (hehehe). And yet, I am.

    I love Robyn’s ideas for blog posts.

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