Dancing the Night Away

Saturday was the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance in our district. Given our hockey schedule, Meg and I didn’t get out to find a dress until a couple of weeks before the big event. The theme was Hawaiian Luau so we had to find something that complemented the theme. Can I just tell you that every single dress she tried on fit her perfectly and made her look gorgeous? Can I also tell you that I’m dreading the teen years???

In the end, I think we picked out a dress that was perfect for her and we didn’t have to get anything for Doug as he already had the perfect tie. I know they had a really great time together. In two years he gets to take all three girls to the dance together!

Soon she’ll reach that point where going to a dance with her dad isn’t at all cool, but for now I’m glad that she loves going and hanging out with him.


3 thoughts on “Dancing the Night Away

  1. What a lovely tradition. And, thanks for explaining the theme for Meg’s dress – here I thought you guys had gotten a weird heat wave! Please tell Meg I thought she looked JUST beautiful.

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