Stream of Consciousness

I have Meg home sick from school today. She’s been home since Monday afternoon when the school nurse called to say she was ill. She had strep throat over April vacation and it appears to have returned. I took her (along with the other 3 kids) to the doctor yesterday for another strep culture and he also decided she should go for blood work to rule out mono. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s “just” strep and that this new antibiotic will work. I can’t even fathom her having mono and having to miss more school.

Little League season is upon us! Meg is playing Majors Softball and Drew is playing Coach Pitch baseball. Annie and Izzie are still on the sidelines, at least until next year. Meg has been stepping behind the plate to play catcher and she is doing so well with it! She also found her swing this year, which took a small hiatus last year and left us all scratching our heads. She got a two-run single on Mother’s Day!

(photo courtesy of my dad)

Drew is in LOVE with baseball this year. While t-ball was fun, he just wants to HIT HIT HIT a ball! He also has a great arm and got his chance to try out catcher on Opening Day.

I am loving my new paralegal job! Right now I’m only able to get into the office about 2 hours a week but I have a very understanding boss who will basically take whatever I can give him for hours. I’m hoping to add more hours this summer with the help of a babysitter to hang with the kids. I’m learning new things every time I’m there, as most of the work I’m doing isn’t anything I’ve ever done before. It feels good to put on something other than jeans and a t-shirt for a few hours a week and use my brain. I’m not sure what the future holds for this job but for now, I’ll take it.

Sitting up on a hill in my backyard is a blue tarp-covered chicken coop that my father-in-law built for us. It’s actually pretty cool for a chicken coop.

I’m waiting for a good stretch of weather to be able to paint the coop a nice barn red color. I went to Lowe’s, told them what I wanted, and voila: Valspar 1010-3 Heirloom Red at MyPerfectColor
Valspar 1010-3 Heirloom Red at MyPerfectColor. I figure if I’m going to have a coop, I’m going to make it my own!

The chickens arrived this past Thursday. I am willing to admit that they are so adorable!

(yes, Doug does have a Bruins playoff beard going)

They’re already growing wing feathers and trying to fly out of their brooder (which is a 20 gallon fish tank set up in our basement) every time we go down to visit them. We have two kind of chickens~Orpingtons and Brahamas. Both kinds are known to be docile, friendly birds who lay brown eggs, which is what we eat here in the Northeast. Right now the Orpingtons are a honey color and the Brahamas are more of a classic yellow chick color. We picked up a great book at Tractor Supply Company when we got all our supplies; it’s called Chick Days and it’s the perfect book for a beginner. I’m pretty sure my father-in-law read it cover to cover on Mother’s Day!

Speaking of Mother’s Day (nice seque, no?). The kids all made me items at school and brought them home before the actual holidays, so I’ve been enjoying my framed picture of Annie and Izzie that they painted and decorated with sequins, Drew’s flower magnet and Meg’s beautiful card (by 4th grade they don’t do as many projects). Doug made me the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast at my request and we had our parents come for a lunch BBQ before Meg’s softball game. It was a busy day but I did enjoy lots of hugs from my kiddos.

So, that’s what’s new in these parts. What about you?


One thought on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. the chicks are cute!!
    super impressed by the coop (and love the color you picked!)
    diggin’ doug’s beard 🙂
    your kiddos are so sporty – love it
    glad to hear meg doesn’t have mono (thank you facebook)
    SMILING that you love your new j.o.b!

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