Stopping By

You know those tilt-a-whirl rides you can find at county fairs? The ones that whip you around and spin you silly? I am living one of those rides these days, which is why I haven’t posted on the blog lately. I’ve stopped by your blogs, read a little, made mental notes to come back and comment, but it just hasn’t happened. I promise to stop by and comment on your blogs soon; I miss you all!

Life has been a whirlwind of softball and baseball games, of work, of volunteering in Drew’s classroom, of laundry and dishes and grimy floors. It’s June 1st and tomorrow is Annie and Izzie’s last day of preschool for the year. And to put that in some crazy perspective, Meg has step-up day at the MIDDLE SCHOOL tomorrow! Someone hold me.

But this life has been good. I am loving my job and the ability to work in the office for a couple of hours, then grab what I need to finish up and bring it home. I don’t know where it will lead down the road, especially as the twins only have one more year of preschool before they head to kindergarten and I have more time to work, but for now I’ll take it for what it is and enjoy it.

Baseball and softball season are coming to a close in another couple of weeks. Meg has turned into a fantastic catcher for her team. She has five games coming up next week in preparation for playoffs. Drew really, really loves baseball and all the opportunities it brings to play every single position on the field. He caught a fly ball from the pitcher position last night and everyone cheered! The opposing coach (who was pitching to his player) gave him a high five. It’s been a really busy, but great season for the two of them.

School is out for Meg and Drew in two and a half weeks. I think we’re all a bit ready to slow down and relax and not have to race through breakfast to catch the bus. We have plenty to do this summer, with hockey camp for Meg at the end of the month, hockey all summer for both Meg and Drew and possibly skating lessons for Annie and Izzie all summer. I may just set up camp at the ice rink!

I have to board the tilt-a-whirl now and get back to living the busy life. I promise to stop back in again soon.


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