Today Was a Fairy Tale

Technically, it wasn’t today, but a couple of weeks ago.

For Christmas I bought tickets to Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro for me, Megan and Erika. Meg’s reaction was a little lackluster, but Erika more than made up for it by jumping up and down like a little kid. I suppose if I were 10 and getting a present that was basically for 6 months later I would have been a little less than enthused as well.

Anyway, 6 months came and went and on June 26th we made our way to Foxboro to see the MOST.AWESOME.SHOW.EVER! Seriously, I’ve been some big acts (Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, NKOTB {a post for another day}) but this was an amazing show. We headed down early to just take in Gillette and have a quick bite to eat. Meg practically vibrated the entire way down and was wound up tighter than tight when it was announced there were THREE opening acts. We were fortunate to be at Gillette on a gorgeous night (the previous night’s show took place in the absolute pouring rain).

It was truly a magical night. Meg sang along with every song wearing her Taylor Swift t-shirt and holding her hand-made sign. It didn’t matter that we were SO VERY HIGH UP (I am terrified of heights) and it was hot and Taylor didn’t come on until after 9; my girl was totally and completely happy.

Erika could absolutely be my child. She and Meg look a lot alike!


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