All About Me (Not Eve)

I love orange soda. Root beer comes in a close second.

I love the show Auction Hunters but cannot stand the show Storage Wars. I think the players either make or break a show.

I would love for someone to come organize and clean my home. Then again, my house is gorgeous compared to those houses on Hoarders.

My favorite colors are pink and purple, but I wear more green than any other color.

I own one pair of shoes for fall and winter; I’ve owned them for 10 years and they’re still standing. However, I might branch out and get a second pair this year, just for variety.

Despite the fact that I’m a hockey mom, I do not skate. Oh, I have skated, but it was ugly.

I may have joined Pinterest. I’m still figuring out what I’m doing with it exactly, so my boards are a little sparse.

One of our chickens turned out to be a rooster. His name is Stubby (he was the last to get his wing feathers and they were so short!) and he has perfected the art of the 5:50 a.m. wake-up call.

I love Debbie Mumm calendars. I have had one every year for the last several years and it hangs by the sliding door in my kitchen. I keep a Mary Engelbreit calendar in my bathroom and on my computer desk. I don’t think I’ve had anyone other than those artists for at least 15 years.

Some days I love all aspects of social media, but other days I seriously question my involvement in it all.

The laundry fairy will never come to my house, so I’m forced to do the laundry myself. This is something I’ll never get over.


One thought on “All About Me (Not Eve)

  1. oh, how i wish there were a laundry fairy! that’s funny that one of your chicks is a rooster, though not funny that he crows that early. i’m afraid he’d meet an untimely death at my house : ) funny, my fave color is green and i hardly wear it : ) i’m going to try to catch up w/ your posts. i hope all is well w/ you and your brood : )

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