I’m currently surrounded by dirty dishes and a counter that has almost no clean space on it at all. The dishwasher just finished running and I need to fill it again. I’m listening to the Taylor Swift station on Pandora and listening to Meg practice the clarinet at the same time. My niece gave her the clarinet now that she doesn’t play it anymore and we just got it back from getting spruced up at the shop yesterday. She’s up in her room with her fingering chart and trying to learn all the notes. It’s pretty cool to hear her play; reminds me of the hours I practiced the flute all those years ago.

My bed is covered with folded laundry that needs to be put away and the dyer needs to be emptied. My floors are dirty and needs to be cleaned. A quick vacuum will have to do. (An aside-how exactly does Pandora reconcile having Taylor Swift and Linkin Park on the same station?) We’re in various stages of packing up for a trip to Doug’s boss’s camp for the weekend. Cookies have been baked and food has been purchased. Lists have been made and cameras need to be charged.

It’s going to be a weekend of downtime. No tv, internet, technology. The kids have picked out books to bring with them and my own supply is rather large. The camp is on a lake and the swimsuits and swim vests will be packed. We’ve heard the state park nearby offers activities, like Friday night movie night outdoors and panning for gold, so we’ll be checking into that when we arrive tomorrow. This trip marks the beginning of a two week vacation for Doug, the first he’s ever taken in the 13 years he’s been with his company. The end of his vacation marks a few days before I send Meg off to middle school and Drew to 1st grade. It’s a rather fitting way to end August I think.

I hope that the weekend of downtime convinces the kids to settle the heck down (they’re currently screeching at the top of their lungs upstairs) and allows Doug and me some time to relax. I’m looking forward to dangling my feet in the water while the kids splash and just be. In the meantime, there are things to be accomplished before we can even get out the door tomorrow. I guess I should get to work.


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