I’m a Big Kid Now

(Bet you can’t read that without singing the Toys ‘R Us theme in your head)

One more vestige of toddlerhood has left our home. There are currently two crib mattresses and two toddler beds outside of my home. Not in Annie and Izzie’s room, but on my porch. The girls are FINALLY in twin size beds.

After finding both girls sleeping more off their toddler beds than on lately, we decided to undertake the task of updating their bedroom. When we were building this house and had to decide on rug colors and paint for their room, we hadn’t had our 20 week ultrasound yet and had to go with the boring beige that encompasses the bulk of our house for their bedroom. I purchased crib bedding for them that contained mauve and pink and tan to bring some color into the room, but I knew that down the road I’d want to redo the room.

Fast forward 4 1/2 years and we finally reached that point! We were at Target one day and I found bedding, ON SALE, and knew it was a sign that it was time to redo the room. Annie’s bedding is this:
and Izzie’s is this: .

I went to Lowe’s for paint samples and after much debate ended up with this color for their room: <a href="Olympic A41-1 Tiara at MyPerfectColor
Olympic A41-1 Tiara at MyPerfectColor“>. Most colors I tried were too pink or too purple, but this is a great combination of both and it looks so pretty in their room.

I also snagged this lovely print at Target yesterday (and on sale!) and it’s hanging between their beds:

The room isn’t complete yet, as the changing table/bureau needs to be emptied and moved out to be sold on Craigslist, but it’s coming along. The girls got to spend their first night in their beds last night and were so happy. They slept past 6 am! Eventually we’ll put a small nightstand between their beds when they’re past the point of standing on furniture (oh my). For now though, they feel like the big kids they are becoming and that makes us all happy.


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