I Can Now Say I’m a Hockey Mom

It’s official. It’s done. I’m officially a hockey mom of four kids. Annie and Izzie started their beginner hockey program a couple of weeks ago, after a year of begging for their turn to get out there and skate like Meg and Drew.

Meg and Drew were helpers the first week on the ice. The majority of the kids out there are ages 5 and 6, so Annie and Izzie are a bit younger than everyone else.

The girls like putting on the equipment and I think they like the idea of playing hockey, but a full hour on the ice has been tough on both of them and it breaks my heart because they’ve been so excited to play and it’s not coming easy. I took a tearful Annie off the ice on Saturday because she just couldn’t do it anymore. But she said she wants to try again this week, and that’s really all we can ask of them.

Because this? This is what I love the most.


4 thoughts on “I Can Now Say I’m a Hockey Mom

  1. Would it have killed you to put figure skates on just one of them? Half-kidding;) They look so happy! From one fellow rink denizen to another-I applaud you!

  2. oh my word!!! those little cuties — that post just made me teary. love that they want to do what dad, meg and drew do. i love, love, love it. so wish i lived closer and could come see all their games. love those kids of yours. so sweet

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you took her off the ice and yet..she wants to try again. Good job, Mama….you’ve clearly taught your girl that trying IS what counts.

    Morgan wants to skate. I asked about hockey. She looked at me like I had just requested she go play with dog poop. So, I’m guessing that’s a big negative on the hockey?? 😉

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