Just Write

The piano has sat, untouched, for many months. She doesn’t like to play it when her brother and sisters are home because they come in the room and stare at her and touch the keys, and it makes her cranky. Irate is a better word. When she plays her recorder or clarinet, it’s always in the safe confines of her bedroom with the door closed and locked. But the piano sits behind me, in a public space.

Today she’s home sick for the second day this week and she’s restless. She loves school and I’m sure will be happy to be back tomorrow. Right now though she’s at the piano, playing Christmas music that she learned last year. She is such a talented musician for a 10 year old, and while we tell her her, I don’t know how much she really believes us. Right now Deck the Halls is being played, first with her right hand, then both together. It’s such a happy sound on an old piano, one I inherited from my grandmother. She’s going to play O Holy Night for me now, because she knows it’s my favorite. She’s growing up too fast, right before my eyes. She flips through the piano binder looking for her favorite Christmas piece, not having any clue how happy her music is making me.

I’m linking up again with Heather at The EO. Won’t you join us?


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