Stream of Consciousness

I just put some cocoa in my coffee in a desperate attempt to wake up and get moving on the zillion things I need to do today. It’s gray and rainy and I’m not holding out hopes for a white Christmas. We had a foot of snow for Halloween and another for Thanksgiving, but I haven’t heard that we’ll have any of the white stuff for Christmas.

My kids have all told me what they want for Christmas and I just have to share it:

Meg: a pug puppy (live)
Annie: a cow (live)
Izzie: a hundred lambs (live)
sense a theme here?
Drew: all the Star Wars Lego toys in the world (at least he’s practical, although indulgent)

I am thankful that the twins’ preschool teacher talked them down from the live animal ledge the day they announced those choices at school last week. Seriously, live animals??? We already have a rooster, four hens, three cats, four kids, and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh my.

I’m not remotely ready for the holidays. The big brown truck has been here a few times in the last couple of days so things are starting to come together. We’re holding true to our no toys for Christmas, although Santa will be bringing a few toys. There’s magic in Santa that I’m not planning to take away from the kids.

Christmas music has been going non-stop here since just after Thanksgiving. It’s my way of getting into the spirit of the season. The kids all have their favorite songs~Annie loves Frosty the Snowman, Izzie loves The Little Drummer Boy, Drew loves Straight No Chaser’s Twelve Days of Christmas and Meg loves just about every song (especially ones she can play on the clarinet). We have the tree up and decorated, and snowflake lights around our sliding door and dining room windows. I wish my I could take some photos of our holiday cheer with my camera, but my 18-55mm lens is broken and needs to be sent back to Canon (oh how I’d love a new lens for Christmas, Canon!) and while I like Meg’s Nikon Coolpix, it just isn’t the same as my very own Rebel.

I am currently blasting Whitney Houston’s Do You Hear What I Hear? on Pandora. She may be a mess of a person but her voice, oh her voice is just beautiful.

Laundry is calling me. There is a Christmas party for two little girls in this house tomorrow and a jumper with snowmen on it must be washed. Annie’s jumper with the wreath on it has been hanging in their closet for a week, just waiting for party day. I love how excited they get to dress up for something special.

Whitney’s singing again. She’s lifting my spirits with every word.


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