Just Write

Narada Christmas is playing on my DVD player. The CD player in my laptop isn’t working so I’ve resorted to playing CDs on my DVD. I’ve spent the better part of two days shredding mail. With just a few days to go before Christmas, shredding junk mail seems like an enormously stupid idea. There are presents to wrap (wait, I have to do those at night because the kids are home), cookies to bake, a house to clean. The shredding though, was long overdue. So, I sorted a gigantic pile of shred-able stuff and a pile of recyclable stuff and just went to town. Three gigantic kitchen bags later, the shredding is done. Not exactly helping get me ready for Christmas, but at least one little corner of my life is clean.

My parents are giving me an early Christmas present tomorrow~they’re taking Annie and Izzie home with them after Meg’s 8am chorus concert so that I can shop or wrap or just stare at the walls get my act together before Christmas is upon me. I’m so overwhelmed with this awesome gift that I haven’t yet figured out what I’m doing tomorrow. Do I shop? I still need to. Do I come home and wrap? I think the shopping may win because I don’t often get to shop without having to take kids with me.

Drew’s birthday is exactly 8 days away. He’ll be 7. How did that happen? I have to work on an invitation to his party and figure out a guest list. The party is at a local ice rink, so it does help to invite kids who can skate, which of course leaves other kids out and that makes me feel bad and I don’t have time for feeling bad.

There’s so much to do and I just want to sit on my couch, stare at the Christmas lights on the tree, drink some hot cocoa and breathe. I’ve given up on making the holidays “perfect” and instead just focus on making them nice. All the kids will be home Friday and we’ll decorate cookies (which I’ve yet to make) and I’ll make some caramel popcorn for snacking. Narada Christmas is still playing and while I love it, I think I need a little more pep in my music. I need to troll Pandora and find some spirited music to clean to. Maybe it’s time for a little Whitney to get me moving.

I’m linking up again with Heather at The EO for her Just Write series.


2 thoughts on “Just Write

  1. I haven’t baked cookies yet either. That is our Friday plan too since I took a vacation day as a result of our day care closing for the holiday and work not. I HATE to admit I think I’m going to buy dough and just bake and frost.

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