Kid Love

I love the way she sits, curled up on the small couch we inherited from my in-laws, her feet tucked under her, book in hand. She’s usually accompanied by her cat and while she reads she murmurs to him and pets his head. I watch her eyes skip across the lines in the book and I can tell she’s lost to whatever world her story is in, becoming part of the plot.

I love how he comes home every days and asks me where his cat is, so that he can go scoop him up and snuggle with him. He will hunt through the house looking for him, then I find him carrying the cat around like a baby on his shoulder. The cat and boy are perfectly content, happy to be reunited again.

I love how she talks to me so seriously about wearing a striped turtleneck under her short sleeve shirt in order to keep her belly and neck warm, and how the short sleeve shirt kind of matches her big sister’s shirt that she’s wearing today so they are like twins (pronounced tweeeens aka Skippyjon Jones). Her eyes light up as she talks to me and I’m amazed she’s only 5.

I love how sits in front of the kick-plate heat in the kitchen every time it comes on, warming her little toes. She brings coloring books and crayons, or her new Lego set to build, and she hunkers down, getting warm. Sometimes she lets her twin join her and they share the big bucket of crayons, coloring in their new Hello Kitty coloring books and warming their toes, but often she’s there alone, lost in her little warm world.

What are your kids doing lately that you love?


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