Stream of Consciousness

I think I’ve finally recovered from the madness that is birthday month in our family. I made a whole lot of different cakes for the kids including this fun rainbow cake for Meg’s birthday:


I got the recipe from Tasty Kitchen and it was a blast to make and I’m pretty sure the kids all loved to eat it.

This week we’re battling ear infections and coughs and nasty colds that have forced Izzie to miss two days out of three of school, had Drew home recovering from being overtired, and me missing work yesterday. The next person who says they don’t feel well will get a one way ticket to Siberia. We seem to have turned a corner as Izzie is running around more today and not just hiding under a blanket coughing her brains out, so that’s progress.

My wipe-off calendar is blank, not because our schedule is wide open and free, but because I haven’t had time to fill it with all the hockey events and little league events coming up in the next couple of weeks. I like looking at the blankness of it, because I know once it’s filled I’ll feel overwhelmed. School vacation is coming up again the week of the 20th though and Doug will be home on vacation, so all the running around will quiet down and we’ll fill our days with lazy mornings and home cooked breakfasts. I’m hoping to decompress by spending time with some friends as well.

I never made any resolutions for 2012. I suppose if I were to make any I would want to take more time for myself this year. Sitting down on the couch after 8pm each night isn’t really taking more time for me. I want to blog more, read more, scrapbook more, get out of my house ALONE (or with Doug) more. I know it sounds selfish, and it is selfish, to say that I want to think about me more, but I also think that if I only give myself to my kids there won’t be much of me left when they’re all out of the house in a few years.

I’ve been at the computer too long this morning and my girls are throwing things at each other. I guess my “me” resolution will have to wait for another day.


One thought on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. Stumbled here searching for other blogs by moms with four kids! Beautiful cake, and I can commiserate about kids being sick – seems like we’ve been battling it for months. And it’s definitely not selfish to want time to yourself – “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!”

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