Confessions of a Large Family

We are a large family. Two adults and four kids is considered out of the ordinary in our society, even though more and more families are outside of the two adults, 2 kids, white picket fence stereotype from the 1950s. We face many challenges, from finding a hotel to comfortably sleep 6 people, to what size cars to drive (we drive a Ford Explorer and a Ford Freestar). Our family:

Uses more toilet paper in a week than I care to count;

Goes through a gallon of milk every other day;

Has to take two vehicles to a hockey rink if more than 2 of our kids is playing that day;

Is never, ever caught up on laundry;

Eats through two loaves of bread in three days;

Has more unmatched socks than matched socks;

Has to use a large LL Bean bag to bring all the books home from the library;

Has so much schoolwork piled up on the counter it’s unusable;

Runs the dishwashers twice a day most days;

Rarely has leftovers;

Uses 16 eggs to make scrambled eggs and eats it ALL;

Will probably never be able to afford a trip to Disneyworld.

If you’re a large family, do you share some of these confessions? If you aren’t a large family, do you have questions about what it’s like to be part of a large family? Ask away!


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Large Family

  1. Oh, many of these sound familiar LOL. Particularly the schoolwork on the counters, never ending laundry, and the amount of bread and milk we go through! One 60-count box of waffles from Costco only lasts about a week and a half here. I am scared of what my grocery bill will be like when the kids are older, and I have three teenage boys and one teenage girl.

  2. I can relate to so many of these, although we only have my step kids 2 afternoons a week and every other weekend. We go thru a gallon of milk in a day, and thats just from my husband and the twins, they are big milk drinkers!! I can’t imagine feeding the boys when they are teenagers, they eat a ton now!

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