Stream of Consciousness

I’m watching Annie and Izzie out on the front “lawn” (term used loosely as it’s just patches of brown grass for another couple of months), riding their bikes. Annie decided a couple of weeks ago that she was going to learn to ride Drew’s old Spiderman bike. Said bike no longer has training wheels, but she didn’t care. She learned in about 30 minutes, all by herself, and now goes careening down our driveway like a madwoman. She hasn’t yet learned to stop, so she either crashes or just turns uphill a little to slow down. She’s a very determined little girl and I like to think that she inherited that trait from me. I’m certainly going to tell everyone that she did.

It’s chilly today, despite the sunshine. We ran out of oil last night so we have no heat or hot water, just another consequence of being too busy all the time to remember to check the oil tank. After a flurry of phone calls this morning the oil man is on his way, and I’m dreaming of being able to wash my hands in warm soapy water so I can warm up. The other consequence of being too busy is that laundry isn’t done and I’m stuck wearing a short sleeve shirt and lightweight sweater today. There’s something to be said for being busy and not bored, but there’s also something to be said for finding balance. It turns out I’m not good at finding balance.

I came home from a hockey association meeting the other night to the babysitter telling me that Meg took a softball to the mouth at practice. My first instinct was to feel horribly guilty that I wasn’t here to take care of her. But then I thought some more about this and realized that I can’t always be there to take care of her, and I can’t always protect her from everything. Her coach got her an ice pack and she took care of herself just fine. I’m trying to raise all my kids to think for themselves and be able to take care of themselves, so maybe I’m not doing so badly after all.


One thought on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. I was hit in the mouth with a softball once as a kid playing too. I lost a tooth from it. It isn’t the worst experience I’ve had! Maybe because at an even younger age it was a basement to the mouth and a chipped tooth…

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