Just Write {10}

Meg’s taken to writing notes on our large wipe-off calendar on the wall next to the computer. Some days the notes revolve around what she’s happy about, or include a picture. Yesterday’s note related to what she’s learning in 5th grade science right now~ “Who knew that amoebas are jelly-like inside? I did!” Her love of knowledge is infectious; I love seeing her dig into her homework and watch her get excited for the projects she gets to work on. She’s becoming more confident standing up and speaking in front of her peers and I’m working hard to get her to be proud of being a good student, instead of being embarrassed by it. She’s already more confident than I was at her age, but she’s still nervous about the “smart” label. Fortunately, she’s friends with a group of girls who love school as much as she does, so she doesn’t feel so alone.

She and I have talks about my time in school, usually when we’re alone. I tell her bits and pieces about how I was bullied in school, even though it wasn’t called that back then, because I was smart. I talk often about how she needs to be proud of her hard work at school and not let anyone make her feel bad about herself for being a hard worker. I think there was always a part of me that wished that I wasn’t smart, so I could have blended in more instead of standing out, and I don’t want her to ever have those feelings. It’s girls like Meg who will rule this world and I want that for her so very much. She knows in the back of her mind that she’s an example for her little sisters (and brother), despite not wanting to be. I hope they’ll follow right in her big footsteps.

I’m joining Heather again today. Won’t you join us?


3 thoughts on “Just Write {10}

  1. Good for you for talking to your daughter about this now, and making her proud of her intelligence. My own family teased me (I’m sure they thought they were being good-natured) for being smart and getting good grades, and my daughter is now excelling in school and I want her to have a very different experience.

  2. “I tell her bits and pieces about how I was bullied in school, even though it wasn’t called that back then, because I was smart” .. Holy crap. That was bullying, wasn’t it?! No wonder middle school was more wretched than I could figure out why. By senior year of high school the bullies had figured out that they needed us smarties, but it was a long stressful time from 7th to 12th grade.

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