Five for Five ~ Change

I’m linking up with the fantastic ladies at Momalom this week for Five for Five (see the button on my sidebar). Come join us!

I paid my final preschool tuition payment today. The final one after 3 kids and 5 years at our favorite preschool. It was such a find for us, having just moved to our tiny town in the woods and seeing an ad in the paper about this age-appropriate preschool that took kids who weren’t potty trained and could start at age two and a half. I never visited, just called, talked to the wonderful ladies who’ve since become my friends, and signed Drew up. I told them I just wanted him there to socialize, that I had newborn twins and he needed to be with kids his own age. He could write his name by November of that year. He spent 3 years there, and Annie and Izzie are finishing up their 2nd year in a little over a month. My kids have changed and grown so much since they first started at this wonderful preschool, and even bigger changes are on the horizon for Annie and Izzie as they move to kindergarten in the fall. They’ve been talking about staying at school all day and riding the bus and being big kids, just like their older brother and sister.

I ran into a friend at Drew’s school today while I was there volunteering. She spotted him in his classroom doorway, waiting to head to lunch, and commented on how tall he was. I joked that of course he had a hollow leg, since he’s tall and thin but packs away the food. I look at him, with his boy face and freckles that just sprouted on him for the first time, and see very little of the baby boy he used to be. He reads to me now, thinks math is the best subject ever invented, plays on a baseball team with 4th graders, and that boy is just so far removed from the little chubby faced boy who ate Cheerios out of the box in his high chair. I’m pretty certain I’m going to wake up tomorrow and he’ll be asking for the keys to the car.

Meg’s sitting on the couch with the laptop, working on a school curriculum fair project. She’s muttering to herself about how the “l” on the keyboard isn’t working right but how cool the final project is going to be. I’ve been called in once to view the beginning of the presentation. I steal glances at her when she’s working on her homework, brow furrowed in concentration. School and homework are her job and she takes them on with such seriousness and passion. I try to picture her in a few more years, as a high school student, and then college aged, like my nieces. Soon the phone calls from girlfriends will be replaced by calls from boys. There will be formal dances and requests for makeup and rides in cars with friends. I can see the change coming, but I’m still holding on to the right now.


7 thoughts on “Five for Five ~ Change

  1. It’s scary when we see the grown ups they are becoming instead of the babies they once were when we look hard into their beautiful faces. But it is a moment worth embracing!

  2. It’s a little freaky how fast it all goes. I mean, they tell you–other parents–they tell you how fast it’s going to go. But then there you are watching your oldest child do advanced math and your youngest child throw a baseball over the fence and you can’t figure out how you got here. So cliche and SO. DAMN. TRUE.

    Glad you’ve joined in Five for Five.

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