Five for Five ~Age

Today’s Five for Five topic at Momalom is Age.

Age: the length of time during which a being or thing has existed; length of life or existence to the time spoken of or referred to.

Eleven. Seven. Five. It’s hard to believe that my children have only existed for such small lengths of time. Haven’t they always been here? Twenty one; the length of time my husband has been a part of my life. Thirteen; the length of time we’ve been married.

The years blend together, filled with new homes, tiny socks, hockey sticks, books, papers, favorite stuffed friends, tears, smiles, hugs. First birthdays suddenly morph into 11th birthdays, first wedding anniversaries become tenth and almost fourteenth. The tiny socks become bigger, little ones fit into the clothes of their older sister, transporting me back in time.

Forty. My husband’s age and almost my own. We’re older, more gray, a little thicker around the middle than we were when we first met at 19. We’ve grown up together, celebrated births, deaths, built our forever home, fought, loved, cried, laughed. He’s still Doug, I’m still Kristin, despite the gray, despite our age.

We’ll all keep growing older, but I think that I’ll still be surprised at how little time seems to have passed. I’ll look around and Meg will be off to college, Drew to high school and the twins to middle school and it will still seem so much just like today. Eleven. Seven. Five. Twenty one. Forty. The numbers won’t matter much, as long as we’re still us.


2 thoughts on “Five for Five ~Age

  1. Yes, the world goes whoosh and first birthdays are suddenly 10th birthdays, and there we are wondering about the passage of time, but still feeling like us. The march of time is a gift. I wish the rest of the world would promote it as such.

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