Five for Five ~ Listening

I may be a day late but I’m completing the final day of Momalom’s Five for Five. The topic is Listening.

I spend many hours a day wishing for my kids to stop talking Their words get jumbled all together, so when Izzie is really trying to tell me that she wants pancakes for breakfast I’m not hearing her but I’m hearing Drew talk about Pokemon. I haven’t yet made the kids realize that all their talking over and around each other causes me to tune them out. I ask them to speak to me one at a time, but it’s a process we’re still trying to work out. The constant need to talk all at once leaves us all a little frustrated.

At night, though, when they’re all in bed, I listen for their voices. I force Doug to watch the tv on a lower volume, in case one of them starts to cry or coughs or whimpers for me. I listen for little voices calling for me to find a lost stuffed friend or to give a hug because of a bad dream. I listen for footsteps running down the hall to the bathroom or my bedroom, or clunking down the stairs. There is no tuning out at night, only tuning in.

My days are filled with their cacophany of words and I spend time trying to sort through them and give each child their due, but at night I can tell each little voice and footstep without any effort at all. I’m always listening to them, even when they’re asleep.


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