Just Write (11)

The Map (yes, Dora’s map) is talking in the background. I rarely let the kids watch tv during the day, as it always leads to horrible behavior when I have to turn it off. I used to let them watch tv to buy myself a little quiet time, but it lead to so much stress when their show(s) was over that I stopped allowing them to watch. Today it’s rainy and Annie and Izzie each had several immunizations to prepare for their upcoming kindergarten screening, so I relented. Whether it comes back to haunt me waits to be seen.

I want to be more of a “yes” mom. I want to say yes to occasional tv or cookies for morning snack. I say no so much of the time; “no you can’t wear a sleeveless dress to play outside in the 40 degree weather”, “no, you shouldn’t color on the walls”, “no, you may not play on your iPod for another 20 minutes”. I have found that when I relent, my kids find a way to ruin the nice thing I did for them and it makes me wish I’d never said yes. If I give in all the time, how is it a treat? Not one of them sees that point of view, so I have days filled with whining and begging.

But today, Dora and Boots are chatting in the background while I type, the washing machine and dryer are going and my girls are happily snuggling with their bears. In a few months there won’t be anyone at home during the day to ask for cookies for morning snack or a little tv, so maybe I will relent a little bit more often. Maybe being a “yes” mom every so often isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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One thought on “Just Write (11)

  1. I can completely relate. It’s tough to find the right balance. I find myself wavering from too many yeses to too many nos and never the right balance.

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