Summer Staycation: State Parks

We won’t be going on a summer vacation this summer. Doug’s work schedule makes it hard for him to get more than a day or two in a row off, so traveling isn’t on our list of things to do this summer. However, we live in the gorgeous state of Maine and have decided to visit as many State Parks as we can (Maine is big; we won’t be heading up north) this spring and summer.

Ever since we moved from our home with a swimming pool to our home in the middle of the woods, we’ve purchased a State Park pass. This $70 pass can be used at each and every one of Maine’s 48 State Parks and Historical sites and is worth every single penny we pay for it. This year we also got our hands on the State Park passbooks for the kids; each of the 48 parks and historical sites have a page or two in the book and you get to use a stamp to prove you visited the site. After a certain number of visits we can check in with the park rangers and the kids can earn little treats.

Over Memorial Day weekend we checked into our first state park of the year, Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, in Freeport (not far from LL Bean and that big boot!). I’ve never been to this state park and I’m a native Mainer! The park is home to gigantic osprey nests, tide pools to find crabs, and trails for hiking. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and visited the ocean first. Caveat: I am terribly afraid of heights, and of falling, and so I found myself a cozy spot and the kids and Doug did all the walking around on the rocks.

The ospreys nest high up in the trees, on an island that was across the water from where we were roaming. We were so fortunate that they opted to give us a little show.

The kids loved exploring along the rocks and searching for crabs, seashells and whatever other wildlife they could find.

After we had a small snack we decided to try out one of the easier walking trails (never take two five year olds on anything other than easy trails, trust me) and were overwhelmed with the number of ladyslippers we found along the way, in pinks and whites. Ladyslippers are endangered around here, so to find so many of them was such a treat.

I even got the kids to pose for me (not an easy task with four kids, ever) for a couple of shots.

Since Freeport is only about 40 minutes from our home, I’m pretty sure we’ll head back to this state park again soon.


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