Just Write {12}

“Mom, how do you catch a tiger, give him a hug and then let him go?” “I think he’s singing about a real tiger, not a stuffed animal.”

Some days she’s 5 going on 15, and others she’s 5 going on 1. She spins and twists, runs and jumps, hugs, kisses and runs away again, only to fall to pieces when something doesn’t go quite her way. She knows lyrics to so many of today’s popular songs and jumps for joy when The Wanted comes on the radio. She has a hard time writing a lower case “z” and it frustrates her that her sister, only older by 11 minutes, can write upper and lower case letters and they aren’t even in kindergarten yet. She still sucks her thumb when she has her lamb “Shakes” in her hands, but likes to look at chapter books and tells me what she thinks is happening. She wants to only wear what she wants to wear (no jeans, no socks with too much white) and eat what she wants to eat (sausage, cucumbers, goldfish crackers) and stay up as late as her big, big sister. She looks for worms under the bases at t-ball and hugs her friends tight, whispers plans both good and bad with her twin, and will tear apart her room if you make her angry. She is frustrating and funny and loving and maddening and my baby. She’ll start kindergarten in 3 short months and it’s going to be hard, yet so easy, to put this little ball of energy on the bus with her sister and brother on that first day. She’s a swirl of contradictions, just like life, and I love her to pieces.

Linking up again with the fabulous Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary. Because it’s Tuesday and it’s time to Just Write.


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