Summer Staycation: State Park Number Two

It’s technically not summer here in Maine yet. I think we may have experienced summer in March when it was 80 degrees for several days. We’ve had a full week of cool, rainy, disgusting weather and I’m quite ready for summer to arrive and warm us all up.

Over Memorial Weekend we hit up another one of Maine’s State Parks: Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth. Having grown up in Maine, I’ve visited Two Lights many, many times. We were fortunate that it was quiet that day and one of the park rangers took us all into the World War II era bunker (the site was never used during the war he told us; the war ended before the site was finished) and let the kids practice their echoes. We also visited the fire control tower, a place Doug and I had never seen in all our years of living in the area and visiting the park. I took up residence on the walking path when everyone ventured down onto the rocks as I’m a big ol’ chicken. I was pretty sure Izzie was going to pitch over the edge of the rocks and into the Atlantic when she was running back and forth like a lunatic. We’re glad she’s still with us.

It clearly looks like I told my kids to dress in rainbow colors, doesn’t it?


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