We’re two and a half weeks into summer vacation and my kids haven’t slept past 6:15 more than once. Most days, Drew is up at 6, banging around in his room or running up and down the hall, trying to wake the others up to come play. To say this makes for long days is an understatement. Short of duct taping him to his bed, I have no idea how to get that child to sleep in.

Our first week of vacation we wandered aimlessly around the house, with the kids literally up my backside all day long. I was thrilled not to have to make a 7am and 8am bus stop trip each morning, but we’d make no real plans for the beginning of that week. I wanted to rest, but the kids were B.O.R.E.D. They fought, threw things at each other and generally drove me to madness by 3pm.

This week I instituted school. I know, a weird concept in the summer, but my school-age kids THRIVE on the structure of school, so I decided we needed to have some school time during our day. Meg has summer work she can do (not mandatory, but this kid ASKED to go to summer school and got other homework from her language arts teacher) through a website called Compass Learning, and Drew has a math website he can access to keep his skill sharp. Monday morning I set Drew up to review some math skills on the PC and Meg logged into her account on the laptop and they were happy, happy campers. I’ve also mandated 30 minutes of reading (also known as mommy-sanity-saving quiet time) each day.

This week did throw us a curve ball with a stomach bug that’s gone through all the kids plus me (always fun lying sick on the couch while your 5 year old twins have the run of the house because the other big kids are sick too). I’m still working on Wednesdays so we’ve alternated having my mom and mother-in-law come watch the kids, which is great for all involved. We’re trying hard to get into some routine, because we have a long July and August to contend with as the kids don’t head back to school until September 4th, which is late, late, late.

We’ve had some fun so far, including a very impromptu beach trip on my birthday with many friends and kids that included a group picture of the kids (which if they didn’t pose for they didn’t get cupcakes!) and a wonderful birthday serenade. It was one of the most relaxing days we’d had in a long time and the moms all agreed that we’d be heading back together again soon. We’re heading camping for the FIRST TIME EVER this weekend and I’m torn between thinking we’re going to have fun and thinking that since my kids are so loud we’re going to get kicked out because they’ll be loud during mandatory quiet time. Of course I’m hoping for the former but given that they failed that with our at-home test earlier this month, I’m just not sure.

We’ve got more fun coming up in July, with Meg’s All Star softball tournament (so proud the coaches selected her as the catcher!) and a trip back to the camp we visited last summer. There will be trips to the library to get more and more books and more beach trips with friends. There will be more school and more room cleaning. So far, summer has been pretty easy on us and I’m hoping for less fighting and more fun.

How is your summer going so far?


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