Winding Down

We’re on the downside of summer here. The calendar says August 6th and that means school starts for all four of my kids in less than a month. Part of me is screaming “yay, school starts in less than a month” and part of me is wondering “how is it already August”?

Our summer has been busy with trips to lakes, beaches, state parks and forts. We’ve been to our local library weekly, checking out a lions’ share of books each visit. We’ve had All Star softball, birthday parties, soccer and volleyball camps. We’re heading camping with friends this weekend and then will spend the rest of August winding down. We have school supplies for four to shop for, clothes to organize, eye exams. Bedrooms and computer rooms and kitchen counters need to be spruced up and ready for the upcoming school year. Soccer cleats need to be purchased, hockey gear needs to be sorted and lists made of what is needed for the season. It’s time to read more books, take last trips to the lake before the weather changes, get a little extra sleep.

These last days of summer inevitably intertwine with school year preparations and a balance needs to be found to cling to the last warm days while purchasing pencils, graph paper and erasers. The cool nights are coming, but they aren’t here yet. So, we’ll plan beach visits with friends, head to the library for more books, and still buy new school shoes. We’ll slowly switch gears from lazy summer mornings to school bedtimes complete with bedtime stories. I’m ready to embrace it all.


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