Back to School Tradition

My kids are heading back to school after Labor Day for the first time since Meg went to kindergarten in 2006. While part of me is antsy to get them out the door already, part of me is glad that I have time to take them to the lake one more time and make sure we have all our shoes, supplies and special snacks. It also gives me time to get our Back to School Tradition ready.

I’m not sure when we started our Back to School (and End of School, it’s the same) tradition, but the kids will soon start asking about taco night. Tacos are one of my kids favorite meals, whether made the traditional way with burger, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese, or our newest way of kielbasa with corn and black bean salsa, plus homemade guacamole. I’m a little smitten with the kielbasa tacos myself, because the roasted corn with the black beans and the guacamole on top of the grilled kielbasa is delicious. It’s one of the few meals that Doug and I make that the kids ask for seconds and thirds. I’m currently raising two great eaters, one ok eater and one picky eater, so when they ALL love a meal, I do a happy dance.

Taco night isn’t always held on the first or last day of school, mostly because of our busy schedules. This year I have a hockey board association meeting on the first night of school (I know, I’m really not thrilled since it’s Annie and Izzie’s first day of kindergarten) so I’m going to give the kids the choice of the night before the first day of school, or another night that week. It doesn’t matter to the kids WHEN we have our taco night, just as long as we have it. In the scheme of things, it’s a pretty small tradition, but it’s one that fits us just perfectly.

Do you have a back to school tradition? I’d love to hear about it!


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