Summer Staycation~Upta Camp

Last month we packed up our van and headed to one of Doug’s boss’ camp in Weld, Maine. This camp is on Webb Lake, just on the outskirts of Mt. Blue State Park. It was our second trip to the camp in the last year, as we were graciously allowed the use of the camp for a weekend last summer as well.

As with last year, the kids’ favorite things to do were to spend time in the lake, which is shallow enough to walk out quite far before needing to swim, and to use the kayaks.

The sunset on our first night was amazing. Doug and I sat on the dock and listened to the loons and drank it all in.

We took a drive on our second day, partly to get cell phone signal (none up there at all) and partly just to see what else was nearby (that is a loose term; nothing is nearby). We ended up at Rangeley Lake State Park, which was breathtakingly beautiful. Itty bitty, isolated campsites, but the lake itself was gorgeous, despite there being NO BEACH. Just a set of steps down to the water. It was strange.

When we weren’t out on the water or traveling the big kids and I played games of travel Battleship, which they’d never played before. They colored and read books and fought like cats and dogs (yes, even on “vacation”). Izzie took a fully clothed fall off the dock into the water and was miraculously unhurt, despite being soaked. We were so grateful to be able to spend time at the camp again this year and the kids are already asking if we’ll go back again next summer.


One thought on “Summer Staycation~Upta Camp

  1. There is something about a lake in the summer that makes me let out a big sigh. I’m not an ocean girl. I’m a lake girl… all the way. Your vaca looks VERY relaxing.


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