Chickens Know Best

In early August our hens stopped laying eggs. Just stopped. No note taped to the coop explaining what was happening; just no more eggs. Doug mucked out their coop, giving them fresh pine shavings while I resorted to buying my eggs at the store again (gasp!). We went away camping with friends and came back to hens who still weren’t laying eggs. We were baffled as to their behavior, although my money was on the rooster. He’s such a jerk.

In search of an answer, I asked Dr. Google, and Dr. Google suggested that the hens might be thinking that it’s already fall (hens cut back on egg production in the fall through the winter). So, we started putting on their light at night and after about 7 or 8 days, they started laying again. One egg here and there, and then finally days when we’d get 2 or 3 eggs all at once. Chickens know best.

What the chickens realized a month ago is evident here each day now. Cool nights, followed by warmer days. Crisp winds and a yard scattered with leaves. The sun is lower, leaving my front lawn in shade much more of the day than it did only a few weeks ago. Random colored leaves litter my driveway. Kids wearing long sleeves and sweatshirts to school each morning, instead of shorts and t-shirts. I open all the windows every day to let in the fresh smelling air. Fall is on my doorstep and I love it.


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