Birthday Cake Wrap-Up

The kids’ birthdays have come and gone and I realized I haven’t shared this year’s birthday cake creations. Having four kids with birthdays immediately following Christmas right through January means I spend a lot of time covered in flour, trying to make something that they’ll love.

Drew’s birthday always sneaks up on us, since it’s 3 days after Christmas. He is a very laid back kid when it comes to his birthday and therefore had absolutely no idea what he wanted for a cake. I spent too much time trolling the internet looking for a different Star Wars cake (last year’s cake ). I again put Doug to work with his steady hand and we came up with this cake:

Picture 2096

Annie and Izzie’s birthday came next and this year we went with a winter theme. Annie chose a snowman and Izzie a snowflake (although the snowflake looks a bit too much like a spiderweb for my liking):

Picture 2248

Picture 2249

Meg’s cake theme this year represents what she loves the most: music. I again spent too much time trolling Pinterest and Google for ideas, but finally settled on making my own frosting (thank you Ree Drummond; it was awesome!) and my own music notes with melting chocolates.

Picture 2613

(Not sure why the image has such poor quality, but you get the idea)

I love making the cakes for my kids, but as they get older inspiration is getting hard to come by. Meg has already asked me to make a clarinet cake for her, which I politely declined. Good thing I have another 7 months before I need to make another one!


Let Them Eat….Lamb and Cow?

January is a big birthday month for our family, as all three of the girls celebrate birthdays. Annie and Izzie’s birthday is exactly 2 weeks before Meg’s. It makes for a crazy month of baking, wrapping and celebrating, much like December. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This year I knew right away that I would be making cakes to celebrate what Annie and Izzie love most~lambs and cows. I had no idea if I’d find any party supplies to match, but I knew that the girls would have the cakes of their favorite things.

Of course once I made the cakes I was nervous that neither of the girls would even let me cut them, as the cow cake was made to resemble Annie’s cow named Mooie and the lamb cake was made to resemble Izzie’s lamb Shakes. We did have a small crying episode from Izzie when she was presented with her cake to eat, so we pretended it wasn’t Shakes at all and she happily gobbled it up.

Can I just say how much I miss using my own camera? I use Meg’s Coolpix and when the light is low I get yellow pictures. I need to get my lens sent in to Canon for repairs ASAP.

I still can’t believe my babies are five.

Cake Central

I am so darn glad the kids’ birthdays are over. I’ve baked and decorated 5 cakes in the last 4 weeks (Drew had 2 parties, one with family and one with friends). This year I went a different route with the cakes~no cake pans allowed. So Google was my friend for inspiration and the kids got the following cakes to celebrate their birthdays:

Drew’s theme was PIRATE of course. Thanks to Doug for decorating this!

The girls’ party was PRINCESS themed (not Disney) so I created crowns for them

Meg’s party was HEART themed. She helped decorate

So it was nothing extravagant this year. The cakes were relatively easy to make and decorate, I didn’t spend a ton of money or lose my mind with a thousand different frosting colors to tint. The cakes are all the same~homemade marble cake that is so delicious (thank you Better Homes and Gardens cookbook). Now I just have 10 more months to come up with the next cake idea.