End of a Halloween Era

I knew this day would come eventually. After all, she’ll be 13 in just a few months, she’s 5ft 8in and doesn’t look like a kid at all anymore. She texts friends, goes to school dances, plays middle school sports. In my mind though, she’s still the little girl who was a winter fairy, a flower, Ariel, an angel, a witch, a cat (twice), Dorothy, Hermoine Granger, a crazy bug girl, and a hippie.

Picture 2102

Picture 881




Picture 734

Picture 126

Picture 243

(Winter Fairy, first cat costume and flower not shown because I am old and that was all before digital cameras)

Tonight she’ll be one of the adults, hanging out with me and her dad and helping her siblings navigate their way in the dark as we trick-or-treat with friends. This was her decision, but it’s still bittersweet. Sometime I just want them to stay little forever.

Happy Halloween everyone.


Five for Five ~Age

Today’s Five for Five topic at Momalom is Age.

Age: the length of time during which a being or thing has existed; length of life or existence to the time spoken of or referred to.

Eleven. Seven. Five. It’s hard to believe that my children have only existed for such small lengths of time. Haven’t they always been here? Twenty one; the length of time my husband has been a part of my life. Thirteen; the length of time we’ve been married.

The years blend together, filled with new homes, tiny socks, hockey sticks, books, papers, favorite stuffed friends, tears, smiles, hugs. First birthdays suddenly morph into 11th birthdays, first wedding anniversaries become tenth and almost fourteenth. The tiny socks become bigger, little ones fit into the clothes of their older sister, transporting me back in time.

Forty. My husband’s age and almost my own. We’re older, more gray, a little thicker around the middle than we were when we first met at 19. We’ve grown up together, celebrated births, deaths, built our forever home, fought, loved, cried, laughed. He’s still Doug, I’m still Kristin, despite the gray, despite our age.

We’ll all keep growing older, but I think that I’ll still be surprised at how little time seems to have passed. I’ll look around and Meg will be off to college, Drew to high school and the twins to middle school and it will still seem so much just like today. Eleven. Seven. Five. Twenty one. Forty. The numbers won’t matter much, as long as we’re still us.

Five for Five ~ Change

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I paid my final preschool tuition payment today. The final one after 3 kids and 5 years at our favorite preschool. It was such a find for us, having just moved to our tiny town in the woods and seeing an ad in the paper about this age-appropriate preschool that took kids who weren’t potty trained and could start at age two and a half. I never visited, just called, talked to the wonderful ladies who’ve since become my friends, and signed Drew up. I told them I just wanted him there to socialize, that I had newborn twins and he needed to be with kids his own age. He could write his name by November of that year. He spent 3 years there, and Annie and Izzie are finishing up their 2nd year in a little over a month. My kids have changed and grown so much since they first started at this wonderful preschool, and even bigger changes are on the horizon for Annie and Izzie as they move to kindergarten in the fall. They’ve been talking about staying at school all day and riding the bus and being big kids, just like their older brother and sister.

I ran into a friend at Drew’s school today while I was there volunteering. She spotted him in his classroom doorway, waiting to head to lunch, and commented on how tall he was. I joked that of course he had a hollow leg, since he’s tall and thin but packs away the food. I look at him, with his boy face and freckles that just sprouted on him for the first time, and see very little of the baby boy he used to be. He reads to me now, thinks math is the best subject ever invented, plays on a baseball team with 4th graders, and that boy is just so far removed from the little chubby faced boy who ate Cheerios out of the box in his high chair. I’m pretty certain I’m going to wake up tomorrow and he’ll be asking for the keys to the car.

Meg’s sitting on the couch with the laptop, working on a school curriculum fair project. She’s muttering to herself about how the “l” on the keyboard isn’t working right but how cool the final project is going to be. I’ve been called in once to view the beginning of the presentation. I steal glances at her when she’s working on her homework, brow furrowed in concentration. School and homework are her job and she takes them on with such seriousness and passion. I try to picture her in a few more years, as a high school student, and then college aged, like my nieces. Soon the phone calls from girlfriends will be replaced by calls from boys. There will be formal dances and requests for makeup and rides in cars with friends. I can see the change coming, but I’m still holding on to the right now.

I’m a Big Kid Now

(Bet you can’t read that without singing the Toys ‘R Us theme in your head)

One more vestige of toddlerhood has left our home. There are currently two crib mattresses and two toddler beds outside of my home. Not in Annie and Izzie’s room, but on my porch. The girls are FINALLY in twin size beds.

After finding both girls sleeping more off their toddler beds than on lately, we decided to undertake the task of updating their bedroom. When we were building this house and had to decide on rug colors and paint for their room, we hadn’t had our 20 week ultrasound yet and had to go with the boring beige that encompasses the bulk of our house for their bedroom. I purchased crib bedding for them that contained mauve and pink and tan to bring some color into the room, but I knew that down the road I’d want to redo the room.

Fast forward 4 1/2 years and we finally reached that point! We were at Target one day and I found bedding, ON SALE, and knew it was a sign that it was time to redo the room. Annie’s bedding is this:
and Izzie’s is this: .

I went to Lowe’s for paint samples and after much debate ended up with this color for their room: <a href="Olympic A41-1 Tiara at MyPerfectColor
Olympic A41-1 Tiara at MyPerfectColor“>. Most colors I tried were too pink or too purple, but this is a great combination of both and it looks so pretty in their room.

I also snagged this lovely print at Target yesterday (and on sale!) and it’s hanging between their beds:

The room isn’t complete yet, as the changing table/bureau needs to be emptied and moved out to be sold on Craigslist, but it’s coming along. The girls got to spend their first night in their beds last night and were so happy. They slept past 6 am! Eventually we’ll put a small nightstand between their beds when they’re past the point of standing on furniture (oh my). For now though, they feel like the big kids they are becoming and that makes us all happy.