Getting Organized

As we are quickly approaching the first day of school, all the cleaning and organizing stuff I managed to avoid all summer is starting to catch up with me. My kitchen island, which is the great dumping ground for mail, schoolwork, toys the kids fight over, and other assorted stuff is one task which needs to be completed before September 1st (my artificial deadline). I spent this past Sunday sorting through all the mail and leftover schoolwork (I know!) and have it relatively organized. Of course then we had to take everything off our TV stand in order to get Directv installed earlier this week, so of course it all got plunked on the island. I finally just tossed the now-dead flowers Doug bought me for my 40th birthday in JUNE that had been in a vase on top of the TV stand. I’m slowly, but surely, going to start this school year off organized. Staying organized will be the hardest part.

The other big dumping ground in our house is our “computer room”, which currently contains our computer desk, an upright piano, three bookcases, kids shoes, a couple of small tables covered in PAPER (so, so much paper), my grandmother’s chair, and other kid stuff. My mom was here last week and helped the kids get the room clean while I was at work, but you can’t even tell that it was clean. Doug and I have gone back and forth about getting a new desk, or buying more shelves, but this week we hit upon the perfect solution, thanks mostly to The Pioneer Woman. I am a faithful reader of her blog, own her two cookbooks and watch her show. If you follow her at all then you know that she created a room for her daughters in an upstairs attic space. Instead of providing the girls with separate desks, the designers built a long worktable for the girls (you can read about it all here). I am fortunate enough to have a father-in-law who has lots of power tools and loves to build things, so we’ve signed him on to create a long worktable to replace our desk, three small tables and take the spot of a bookshelf. I am beyond excited for this project, despite the fact that it means I have a ton of paper to sort, file, shred and generally organize.

The computer room currently looks like this:

(photo taken with my iPhone)

I will post projects updates and photos as we move along in the process. I’m so excited to have space for the PC, the laptop, our other important paperwork and be organized at the same time.