Friday Free for All~Back to School Edition

These short school weeks are hard. The kids are WIPED OUT when they get off the bus, and by wiped out I mean cranky and angry and not at all a pleasure to be around. We’re taking a trip to the library after school today in a desperate attempt hopes that everyone will get rid of their crankies before we step inside the house. Parenting school age kids is a rough gig sometimes.

September is my vacation time. Classroom volunteering doesn’t begin until October (after the myriad of testing dates-3 weeks worth-end) which means I have free time to myself after a long summer vacation of only having free time when I went to work. I can play Candy Crush with no one looking over my shoulder, eat a piece of candy without everyone whining that “it’s not FAAAAIR” and generally take a small breather during the day. Oh sure, the house needs to be vacuumed and the collection of paperwork from school is starting to breed (already, I KNOW) and oh look the dishes aren’t done. But in order to be a better me when the zombies darling cherubs get off the bus, I’m going to drink coffee, fritter away time on Facebook and read a book. At least for today.

Fall showed up on our doorstep the other night and it’s glorious right now. The mornings have been chilly and the afternoons have been nice, unlike last week when the kids were sweltering at school and we had to run the air conditioners all day. The leaves haven’t started to turn their gorgeous colors quite yet, but this new weather pattern will definitely help the cause. Fall has always been my favorite season and I try to soak it up when it arrives. I think I need to go dig out some fall related decorations today.

Soccer is on the agenda for us this weekend. What about you?


Barforama Redux

Oops, I did it again (thank you Britney Spears). No, not me, but Barforama has struck, again. OMG when will it end? We have been battling this stomach thing since June 21st. And now we’re going thru it again and again. Drew is finally better. Now Izzie has it again. And Annie, minus the barfing (so bumorama?). There is pretty much nothing worse in the world than seeing your kid sick, and really not being able to do a damn thing to make them feel better. Except clean up the barfy clothes/sheets/stuffed animals and move on. Needless to say, I may ramble a bit here and there, seeing as I was up at 2:30 for the day pretty much (omg run-on sentence).

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (why don’t you? ha), then let me update you~we’re having a TORNADO warning here in Maine right now. We get hurricanes, but usually just remnants. We get Nor’easters, both rain and snow versions. But tornadoes (which I misspelled on Twitter due to lack of sleep and coffee) are not very common here. It has been raining cats, dogs, buckets, sheets, etc. pretty much all day. My lovely gravel road is flooding and the rain is creating new paths down the road. If and when the sun ever shines again, my lawn will grow 3 feet almost immediately. On the bright side, I don’t have to water my gardens. Have I mentioned that I hate summer?

Some of my blogging friends have been having a tough go of it lately and I don’t know what to say to make them feel better. I try to say the right thing on their blogs, or on emails, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. I have a friend who is a blogger and I want to go visit her and hug her because it’s been MUCH TOO LONG but remember those four kids? I want to visit with JUST HER. She knows who she is and I’m sending a shout out that I miss her and love her.