My Four Kids

Megan is our oldest at 12. She loves books, the color yellow, music, cats and pug puppies. She can be found at the ice rink playing hockey, on the softball field behind the plate, at our piano, practicing her clarinet or with her nose stuck in a book.

Drew is the middle child at 8. He never stops moving and can be found at the rink playing hockey or on the field playing baseball and soccer. He can tell you everything you never wanted to know about Star Wars and Pokemon and loves our cat Sheldon, sometimes a bit too much.

Annie is the oldest of our 6 year old twins. She’s quiet, a bit soulful and loves her bear named Twinkle Toes and her ever-growing collection of cows. She likes to color, look at books for words she knows, play hockey/baseball/soccer and has now asked to start dance classes.

Izzie is our youngest 6year old twin (by 11 minutes). She’s quite impish, can yell loud enough to shatter glass and has an addiction to lambs.  She will sing almost anything, from Lady Gaga to her ABCs.


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